As your County Court Judge I’ll ensure that everyone has a voice and will be heard.

We should all have pride and faith in our judicial system. Plaintiff and defense counsel will be treated impartially in the thousands of PIP cases I see, as well as evictions and small claims.

I’m committed to conducting myself in the campaign and as a judge with the very highest ethics.

FOr the people, Be Equal,
Vote for Jacob E Segal,
County Court Seat 27

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How to contribute

The maximum donation allowed is $1000 per entity or individual. All unexpended funds will be refunded to donors, pro-rata.

Please ask your friends, families, neighbors, and colleagues to support JACOB E SEGAL for County Court Judge. In these days, voting responsibly in the primary is more important than ever. 

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  • Vote for Jacob E Segal, Fair and Equal. Read Mission and Vision page to learn more
  • These days are unprecedented in our Justice System. The Rule of Law is changing quickly. Please study the candidates, pick wisely, and vote purely based on Merit. I am confident you will pick me. Look at the Why Jacob Page
  • County Court No Political Affiliation (NPA) race on August 18, 2020. (Look here to learn on voting responsibly in a NPA election.)
  • Believes the Judicial Seat belongs to the people, not any one person.
  • Believes in free elections for Judge every six years and that the voters are well educated on the candidates. Especially those who go to the primaries.
  • Devoted Father, Neighbor, and Dedicated to the Constitution and Excellence.
  • 20 years in practice.
  • Education: Ranked in Top One Percent NSU Law School; and University of Florida Law School Graduate. Top Ranked School in Florida.
  • Prestigious Corpus Juris Secundum Award for Excellence in Torts

Be Equal, Vote Jacob E Segal, County Court Judge, Seat 27.

The Primary Election is Tuesday, August 18, 2020. Vote or miss your chance to make a difference in Broward!

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