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My mix of private and government practice will allow me to know and understand not only the litigants and the court system, but the large number of unrepresented persons that will be there.


Frequently Asked Questions

What do you hope to accomplish as a judge?
As a County Court judge I want to allow everyone to have a voice and be heard. I want to make everyone who appears in front of me have pride and faith in the judicial system. I would like to elevate the reputation of Broward, which has the most problems with judges. Thus I am committed to conducting myself in the campaign and as a judge with the very highest ethics.
What are the greatest strengths you bring to the judicial role?

First it makes sense to mention this is County Court Judge Seat 27. Most who are in this County Court do not have a lawyer or know the process and the judge has to have the people skills, sense of humor and empathy. I intend to do the job not only correctly, but in a way that will hopefully solve everyone’s problems and walk away with a smile. I think I am a very good listener and I am extremely impartial to race, color, creed, and I have no agenda and I will not favor any one lawyer over another regardless of donations. I have been a single father of two great boys since 2012. And run my own private firm at the same time. I have no relatives to help. Now that they are older, I can finally run for judge which I have wanted to do since my first job in Miami watching the partners try a case. Why is this important? I think bringing up kids, especially by yourself, makes you understand patience and gives you a toughness most men don’t know. Be Equal, Vote for Jacob E Segal. If I didn’t think it was the best fit for me I wouldn’t want the job so badly.

My father who died four months ago was handicapped his entire life, which is why I got involved in some Civil Rights Cases mentioned on my biography. So I’ve seen a lot of discrimination and. Right now I am engaged to an amazing lady from South Korea. Her children got in to the best colleges. She can tell you the few B’s they got off the top of her head back to first grade. Unfortunately, her children are getting bullied because of this Coronavirus. And the color of their skin. I will never be anything but impartial. And I will never discriminate. Its hits too close to home. I am also a very hard worker and have a lot of energy.

My mix of private and government practice will allow me to know and understand not only the litigants and the court system, but the mindsets of the lawyers doing PIP cases once a week but the large number of unrepresented persons that will be there.

Because of my work ethic and private practice I know what it means to work 20 hour days. They were not uncommon. I hope to bring that spirit to the bench. Especially in this time of crisis. Like they said at my first job: “We don’t stop when we are tired, we stop when the job is done.”

At last count, there are over 2200 people locked up in Broward County jails and Broward County needs lawyers with the best work ethic and the best credentials. My first year of law school I was in the top one (“1”) percent. And was able to transfer to the University of Florida. Like Law School and private practice I want tot bring this work ethic to the Broward County Courts. I will do my best to help the community during this crisis.

What is your view/opinion of proper judicial temperament?
A judge should maintain a sense of humor, where proper. Especially in County Court. But should keep 100 percent control over his or her courtroom so public perception is that of fairness. I do not think a judge should act aloof. A judge should act professionally at all times with the litigants, defendants, the clerks office, bailiffs and all involved in the court system. The judge is the one that calls the shots and sets the tone of the courtroom. I will never lose my sense of being humble. Or get “Black Robe” Syndrome. My core values will remain. I am still the same guy I was when my parents were on food stamps and I ate free crackers and ketchup for lunch until I figured out how to get lunch. (More on that in the “About Me” section.)
Do you have political experience?
I have never been in politics and I do not consider this political. The United States Supreme Court said, “Judges are not lawyers.”
Why should voters support your candidacy?
I am the best suited and prepared to run the County Courthouse, Seat 27. And not only run it but to go above and beyond and bring my many years of private practice to bear on the the job. I strive for excellence. Not 95 percent. 100 percent.

And because this is the County Courthouse, I possess the empathy to alleviate fears and educate the people who find themselves staring at the courthouse worried. Many people tremble at the sight of it. They see it as a scary and dangerous place. Depending on where they are from and their culture, they might think they will get deported. And they would be right. The judge needs to take the time to explain consequences of the plea bargains they take as even misdemeanors can get you deported.

People of all backgrounds and skin color could instead see it as a welcoming, warm, fair place where they will be heard and hopefully leave with a smile on their face. Feeling confident justice has been served. The judge sets the tone. I think voters in Broward County would rather judges take their time and allow everyone to be heard and educated on the seriousness of things they are signing. Especially County Criminal Cases which can get people deported. Judges are supposed to at a minimum read a standard script. With my background and knowledge I am confident I can fulfill this lofty goal.

In my personal and professional life I lived with and have worked with the indigent and the wealthy; and I am impartial and neutral and have no agenda other than to help the community. I worked extremely hard to get into University of Florida, putting in very long days and weekends was not rare. I am treating getting this Judge Seat with the same vigor. It is my lifelong dream.
Florida is one of 39 states where lawyers are voted in to be judges Except for Appellate and Supreme Court of Florida. Why is that important? The power of the incumbent.

Why are you running for this particular seat?
County Court feels like the perfect place for my skills. It is the true “People’s Court.”

In the future its possible I could move up to the Circuit Court or Appellate level. I could do that now. However, at this point I want to serve the public and I think I can make more of a difference in County Court.

Governor Rick Scott had his chance to decide who to fill a gap left from a departing judge. Now that the gap is coming to a close it is of the utmost importance the people look at the education, skill set, and empathy of the next County Court judge for Seat 27. And it’s the people’s turn to pick. We need to keep our free elections. Especially in this time of crisis. Get out and vote. Be Equal, Vote for Segal

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