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Why you Should Vote for
Jacob E Segal

JACOB E SEGAL is the Candidate with the Most Merit

And that is all that matters in an important Judicial contest.

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What is a Nonpartisan Election and why does it matter?

Merit. Continue reading to understand why a responsible voter should vote for merit in non-partisan races. Just as the candidates vow not to engage in political activities.

Many people ask what the NPA next to the candidates’ names? These are the letters next to the parties in a non-partisan race in Florida. This tells the voter that this is a non-partisan election.

And judges have all vowed to run in the elections next to the no political affiliation letters. Otherwise half the people wouldn’t trust judges. If a judge is in a partisan group or political group the people will lose faith in the system. This is to give the electorate confidence in their neutrality. The rules governing judges require this.

This type of race asks the voters to look to the individual running for the office and his or her individual merit. The key to your vote is to look for Merit. Individual Merit. And not political or agenda-driven reasons.

In JACOB E SEGAL’s race, the seat is currently occupied by a person appointed by Governor Rick Scott two years ago after another Judge decided to vacate the bench.

Occasionally a judge retires, steps down, or is removed for wrongdoing. Leaving a vacant seat. On those occasions the governor must step in and appoint someone temporarily hold the spot. Now this appointee from Tallahassee wants to stay! 

In Florida the seat belongs to the People and on August 18th, JACOB E SEGAL asks for your vote.


Jacob E Segal was ranked in the top one percent after his first year of law school where he attended Nova Southeastern University School of Law. This allowed him to transfer and graduate from the best school in Florida—The University of Florida College of Law. It is the only school in Florida in the top tier. There are five tiers as ranked by U.S. News and World Reports. When JACOB E SEGAL graduated in 1999. University of Florida Remains the Top School in Florida.

After Graduation, JACOB E SEGAL has had a successful career first in a private law firm in downtown Miami, then as a public defender where he gained knowledge of the courtroom and criminal defense. And the ability to defend his clients in jury trials. Since 2003 Mr. Segal has been in business for himself and has recovered millions of dollars for his clients who have been injured. A very well-rounded career. Now Mr. Segal wants to take the next step and go back into public service as a judge and asks for your vote.

JACOB E SEGAL is running for Judge as he believes that his well-rounded career in law has given him the most merit. JACOB E SEGAL does not want you to look at the color of his skin. JACOB E SEGAL will never claim he is entitled to the seat. Or see this as anything but an elected seat. As the people of Florida have chosen to have elections. JACOB E SEGAL has dreamed of being a judge since he started studying law. And now he wants your vote to make that a reality. When his six (“6”) year term is up, JACOB E SEGAL’s abiding love of free elections will not allow him to feel entitled to the seat. But will happily campaign for it.