Why Jacob?

Mission & Vision

JACOB E SEGAL will individually strive to do his part to follow the Mission & Vision of the Judicial Branch* as applied individually to JACOB SEGAL, should he be elected County Court Judge, Seat 27 and become an integral part of the Justice System. The Mission of which is to protect rights and liberties, uphold and interpret the law, and provide for the peaceful resolution of disputes. 

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My Pledge to you

To be accessible, l will strive to do my part to make the Justice system convenient, understandable, timely, accessible and affordable to everyone.

To be fair, I will strive to do my part in the Florida justice system to respect the dignity of every person, regardless of race, class, gender or other characteristic, apply the law appropriately to the circumstances of individual cases.

To be effective, I will strive to do my part in the Florida justice system to uphold the law and apply rules and procedures consistently and in a timely manner for all.

To be responsive, I will strive to do my part in the Florida Justice system to help whenever possible in my position to anticipate the needs of all members of society, and provide a variety of dispute resolution methods.

To be accountable, The Florida justice system will use public resources efficiently and in a way that the public can understand.

Further, and separate from the Mission and Vision of the Florida justice system, JACOB E SEGAL will strive:

To be fluent in the law

I will strive to be fluent in the law and continue to educate myself in every case. And strive to have the highest merit. as the electorate appointed me for in the NPA election. And respect the right of the electorate to vote. As they own the seat. Broward County has free elections.

To remain humble

I will strive to remain humble and assist all cultures in Broward County with the highest ethics and with a goal of furthering public confidence in the Judicial System.

To follow…

precedent, caselaw, and all applicable Florida Code of Judicial Conduct.

What does NPA Mean?

Judges are strictly NPA races. What does this mean? It is a race based on individual merit. Not based on political or partisan groups or based on any agenda. I will keep the judiciary independant.  

Vote responsibly. Jacob E Segal, Fair and Equal.

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